Hello Tomorrow: a global competition for early-stage startups and projects [fr]

Hello Tomorrow is a global non-profit headquartered in Paris that aims to accelerate science & tech innovation by empowering startups with cash prizes and connections with investors and industrials. It was created in 2011 by Xavier Duportet & Arnaud de la Tour. Hello Tomorrow is supported by the French public and private sectors, but remains an independent organization governed by entrepreneurs.


What is the Hello Tomorrow Challenge?

It’s a global startup competition for the most promising projects & startups using science and technology to solve the world’s pressing issues. To date, the 60 previous early-stage graduates have raised more than $90 million and 57 of them are still operational.
The applications open on April 19th, until June 17th and the grand finale will be held in Paris on October 13th-14th during the Hello Tomorrow Summit.


What is this Hello Tomorrow Summit?

The Hello Tomorrow summit is the first global event dedicated to scientist & tech founders in 10 different sectors. It brings together a curated selections of high profile entrepreneurs on an invite-only basis (including winners from the Challenge), top investors (Accel, Index, Y Combinator, 500 startups, etc.), Hello Tomorrow Partners and other executives (NASA, IBM, Google[x], etc.), scientists and media.

Because the Summit gathers the best minds in each sector, it is fertile ground for discussing your struggles as science-innovators, sharing best practices about regulatory issues, getting validation & recognition from peers or even meeting your future CEO or PhD employee like many have in the past.

How is it different from local competitions in other countries?

Contrary to local challenges, Hello Tomorrow Challenge provides global visibility through international media, a global the ranking of early-stage startups, and the connections startups build at the Hello Tomorrow Summit (2,500 attendees from 67 countries in 2015).

How is it different from other global events and competitions?

We acknowledge the distinct needs of science & tech startups, ensuring that they are not pigeonholed into “digital.” At the Summit, experts in science and technology, including
investors, executives, entrepreneurs and potential customers, are all brought under one roof with a solid understanding of the potential impact of new solutions.
The Summit is invite only and the Challenge provides startups and partners an opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary ecosystem.

Where to apply?

You can apply now (Deadline June 17th): Click here

Hello Tomorrow brochure to download: (1,85 Mo / PDF)

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