Paris French Tech Ticket program launch: grow your startup in France!

Only few more days to get your ticket to Paris and launch your start-up in a unique tech ecosystem. Deadline for signing in is September 15th, first laureates should be in France as soon as January 2016.


France has decided to expand its French Tech initiative by launching the Paris French Tech Ticket program to attract foreign investors interested in creating or expanding their startups in Paris.

An innovative ecosystem: France welcomes startups!

With an extensive network of industry hubs and intensely entrepreneurial talent, France welcomes startups and promotes their development: as creators of jobs and value, startups strive for international growth by attracting investors and professional talent to France from the world over.

With more than 40 incubators, 80 coworking spaces, 20 FabLabs, almost 1500 startups popping up each year, and a growing number of success stories, Paris is an exceptionally dynamic environment, earning it a position of interest on international rankings.

Paris French Tech Ticket: grow your startup in Paris!

The vitality of an innovative ecosystem draws its strength from the diversity of its constituent participants: the French Tech Ticket program aims to attract international entrepreneurs with ambitious projects to France, whether these projects have already been created or whether they are still in development.

The Paris French Tech Ticket program is in its first pilot session, but organizers are already looking ahead to expanding the initiative to French Tech Metropoles in 2016.

The main advantages offered by this program include a six-month grant of €12,500 for each member of the project team, free accommodations, and resources dedicated to helping project partners establish their operations. This initiative is meant for entrepreneurs from all over the world. These participants may already be present in France, such as might be the case for individuals finishing their studies. Each project team must include between one and three founding members, but there is a maximum of one French participant per team.

50 entrepreneurs are expected to take part in the first six-month session in Paris.

A first trial program will launch in Paris, starting in September 2015:

  • June 2015: project application platform opens;
  • Late September 2015: application process closes;
  • December 2015: participants announced;
  • January 2016: first participants arrive in France.

For more information about the program (eligibility criteria, calendar of events, partner incubators) visit the French Tech Ticket website.

發表於 20/01/2016