New requirement about travel medical insurance

New requirement about travel medical insurance

The French Office in Taipei would like to inform that starting 1 October 2010 each Schengen visa applicant will be requested to submit proof of adequate and valid travel medical insurance. This measure is based on Article 15 of the current Schengen visa codex , which requires every applicant to prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or repatriation for medical reasons or death, during their stay(s) on the territory of the Schengen Member States. Thus, this requirement applies to all holders of Schengen visa.

The travel health insurance has to meet the following requirements :
-  cover the entire period of the intended stay
-  validity throughout the territory of the Schengen countries
-  minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro
-  cover of all medical expenses including repatriation of remains and medical evacuation
-  direct settlement between the insurance company and the hospital or doctor, not by the insurance holder – (payment/reimbursement after the return to the home country by the insurance company to the insurance holder is not acceptable)
-  insurance company needs to have a contact point in the Schengen area

Numerous insurance companies already offer this kind of travel health insurance including some Taiwanese companies. Please find attached a list that can provide you with some assistance. Other insurances provided by other companies are acceptable as long as the insurance complies with the requirements.

Applicants should be aware of the domestic regulations regarding medical insurance products when purchasing such products.

Visa applicants may obtain further details at Schengen countries’ offices (list attached).

Contact details of the local offices for Schengen countries

Austrian Office Taipei
10F, 167 Dunhua N. Rd, Taipei
tel : 8175-3283 
fax : 2514-9980 
email :

Belgian Office, Taipei
Room 601, 131 Minsheng E. Rd, Sec 3, Taipei
tel : 2715-1215
fax : 2712-6258
e-mail :

Czech Economic and Cultural Office Taipei
Suite B, 7F., No.200, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
tel : 2722-5100
fax : 2722-1270
e-mail :

Trade Commission of Denmark, Taipei
Room 1207, 12F, 205 Dunhua N Rd, Taipei
tel : 2718-2101
fax : 2718-2141
e-mail :

Finland Trade Center, Taipei
Room 1505, 15F, 333 Keelung Rd, Sec 1, Taipei
tel : 2722-0764
fax : 2725-1517
e-mail :

French Office in Taipei
Room 1003, 10F, 205 Dunhua N Rd, Taipei 105
tel : (02) 3518-5151
fax : (02) 3518-5190
e-mail : question.visas[at]

German Institute
4F, 2 Minsheng E Rd, Sec 3, Taipei
tel : 2501-6188
fax : 2501-6139
e-mail :

Hungarian Trade Office
3F., No.97, Jingye 1st Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei
tel : 8501-1200
fax : 8501-1161
e-mail :

Italian Economic, Trade & Cultural Promotion Office
Room 1808, 18F, 333 Keelung Rd, Sec 1, Taipei
tel : 2345-0320
fax : 2757-6260
e-mail :

Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office
No.5, Chi-Yen Road, Lane 201, Alley 8, Beitou, 11242 Taipei
fax : 2894-8314

Netherlands Trade and Investment Office
5F, 133 Minsheng E Rd, Sec 3, Taipei
tel : 2719-813960
fax : 2713-0194
e-mail :

The Slovak Economic and Cultural Office
Room 2410, 24F, 333 Keelung Rd, Sec 1, Taipei
tel : 8780-3231
fax : 2723-5096
e-mail :

Spanish Chamber of Commerce
10F-B1, 49 Minsheng E. Rd, Sec. 3, Taipei
tel : 2518- 4901 ext. 111
fax : 2518- 4904
e-mail :

Swedish Trade Council, Taipei Office
Room 1101, 11F, 333 Keelung Rd, Sec 1, Taipei
tel : 2757-6573
fax : 2757-6723
e-mail :

Warsaw (Poland) Trade Office
Suite 1601-1602, 333,Keelung Rd, Sec1, Taipei
tel : 7718-3300
fax : 7718-3310
e-mail :

Trade Office of Swiss Industries
Room 3101 31F 333 Keelung Road Sec 1, Taipei 11012
Tel : 2720-1001
Fax : 27576984
e-mail :

List of possible Insurance Companies for travel health insurance (for information only)

In Taiwan :

Name of Company Website Language
Cathay Century Insurance Co Insurance國泰產險|Chinese
Fubon Insurance富邦產物保險股份有限公司|Chinese
South China 華南保險股份有限公司|Chinese
Taian Insurance 泰安產物保險股份有限公司|Chinese
ACE insurance美商安達產物保險股份有限公司|Chinese
MSIG Mingtai Insurance明台產物保險股份有限公司|Chinese
The First Insurance 第一產物保險股份有限公司|Chinese
Zurich Insurance 蘇黎世產物保險|Chinese

In the European Union :

Name of Company WebsiteLanguage
Chartis Taiwan Insurance Co. Ltd (美亞產物保險股份有限公司)|Website

in Chinese


in Chinese, English, French, Spanish and German

Europaeische Reiseversicherung|Website

in English and German

Mondial Assistance|Website

in English and German


in English and Czech

Victoria Volksbanken|Website

in English and Czech

Europaiske Rejseforsikring Website in English and Danish
Vienna Insurance Group|Website

in German only


in German only


in German only


in English, French, Polish and Spanish

April Mobilite|Website

in French only

SwissCare internationalp|Website

in English

Evasan Switzerland|Website

in English, German or French

Comparison of private insurance companies Website in German only

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