Climate – New climate projections for 2050 (December 4, 2014)

The new climate projections released by the World Meteorological Organization and Météofrance for 2050, with peak temperatures above 40°C in France, provide a dramatic illustration of the consequences of climate disruption if measures are not taken to limit global warming to 2°C or less.

Weather reports based on these forecasts broadcast this morning by media outlets all over the world clearly demonstrate the very real issues at stake in the negotiations under way in Lima within the framework of the 20th Climate Conference. As Mr. Laurent Fabius stated, “we are the last generation that can take action.”

Next week, Mr. Laurent Fabius will take part in these negotiations that are key to reaching a universal agreement on the fight against climate disruption in Paris in December 2015 (COP21).

發表於 04/03/2015