10 figures for which we can be proud of France - Infographic

Economy: France is the world’s 5th economic power

Innovation: over the last 2 years, over half of businesses with more than 10
employees have innovated and one out of 6 companies has released new products which did not exist in the market

Tourism: France is the world’s leading tourist destination

Entrepreneurship: the largest start-up incubator in the world will be launched in Paris in 2016

Youth: France has returned to third place worldwide in welcoming foreign students (300 000 students hosted)

Attractiveness: France is in 3rd place in Europe in terms of establishing international investors

Wine: France is the world’s leading wine producer

Culture: France’s 1200 museums welcome 62 million visitors each year

Environment: wind farm activity has seen sustained growth of nearly 70% in the 1st half of 2014

Talent: 58 French men and women have won the Nobel Prize, one of whom (Marie Curie) has won it twice. With 15 winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, France has the highest number of laureates in this category.


發表於 19/11/2014